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.Tuesday, January 12, 2010 ' 11:12 AM Y
counting down 3 days to our 18th month!! hehe. love u darling boy.

full of hugs & kisses

.Wednesday, January 06, 2010 ' 1:11 PM Y
darling boy... finally. u r coming back 2mr. yay. finally. i miss u badly. cant wait 2 c u 2mr.
hehe. then bao bao u. then muackz muackz muackz. hehe. miss u darling boy. i taking leave 2mr. cos i miss my interview today. oops. hehe. love u darling boy.
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full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, January 03, 2010 ' 2:34 AM Y
darlingling. ur darling girl presenting our new blog look. :) hope u like it. hehe.

later in afew hours time, u r flying off le. hmm. actually. i am starting to get alittle sad. but nvm. it is cos i am starting 2 feel lonely. hehe. i know i shouldnt feel sad. but just wana let u know. i am just alittle little sad. like 5 days cant hear u nor know wat u r doing n stuff is alittle scary. ya. but. dun worry. i can cope it de. :) hope u enjoy ur trip. n take care of urself pls.. i know i gonna miss my darling boy alot alot. but nvm. just take e time 2 study. soo tat i can play well when darling boy comes back nxt week. :) 等你哦!! hehe.

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, August 09, 2009 ' 8:41 PM Y
darlingling. sorry for whatever i done. i was so scared at that time. but let's forget what happen ytd k??

i love you too. muackz.

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 3:42 AM Y
darling, today we big quarrel leh..sad sad mah??nw think liao qutie sad..dunwan put the details here but i really hope we both won'tdo stupid things to destroy this relationship ok? hope u r alr a changed person ok..i cant tk anymore surprises alr ah..hope ur knees not pain liao..love u despite what happened!!!<3

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, July 19, 2009 ' 3:55 AM Y
darling!!now almost 4 liao..guess what i doing??hehe..im looking at the present u give me know.hehe i really love it very much..somehow i feel u put in alot of effort for this particular present..then i super like it..hehe..i decided also!!i also want make many presents for u..but u must wait awhile k..i v slow..ehehehehe..patient ah!!muacks..love u!!happy 1 year anniversary again..i <3 patricia!!=D

full of hugs & kisses

.Friday, July 03, 2009 ' 2:16 PM Y
darlingling. finally is friday le. TGIF. haha. 1st time i think that friday is good. haha. maybe cos 2mr is sat. yei. hehe. u 2dae going timbre. surely v late then go hm de. hai. =( but nvm. as long as u enjoy urself can le. hehe. but cannot anyhow ah. 知道吗?? 不然你就惨了. underten. hmpf.

haha. v fierce huh. hehe. u said u went to our blog n c. i thot u will write sth. in e end didnt write. hmpf. 让我白高兴一场. hmpf. hmpf.

haha. okok. me go work le. was kinda bored just now.

full of hugs & kisses

.Friday, May 08, 2009 ' 9:44 AM Y
hehe shagua darling..so nervous for what..hehe..dont nervous liao k..i ying gai one..go pei u go exam v fun mah..even though i v tired..hehehe...then go there gt eat the yong tau foo v nice also..hehehe...love u lots lots k..muacks..u want next time can go w u agn!!!=)

full of hugs & kisses

.Thursday, May 07, 2009 ' 10:14 PM Y
darling lao gong. hehe. i vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv happy 2dae. hehe. but also quite shocked n glad. hehe. i am realli vvvv happi. realli. this will be in my memory forever. everything u do will be. hehe.

shocked cos u suddenly surprise me this morning lah. haha. but i am vvvvvv touched too. touched till i wanna cry le. realli. but i try 2 hold back. cos i dun wan u keep seeing me cry. hehe. but am realli vvvvvv happy n shocked.

i feel v glad. cos since last nite, i am v nervous n scared. maybe cos 1st time go sooooo far 2 take exam, then soooo long nv take exam le, then like nobody pei me lidat. then somemore is 1st exam, is like super duper extra scared n nervous lah. *tell u a secret, actually b4 i slp last nite, i cried* shhhhh. hehe. cos like super duper scared, nervous n stressed. hehe. tats y 2dae u appear i am like soooooo happi n glad. hehe. somemore with all your jokes n hugs, make me happy n less stressed. hehe. then ur last min encouragement telling me dun stress n everything, realli help alot. hehe. maybe because e words are frm u. tats y. cos u are e special n onli one. =)

but the whole time during exam, i quite 分心, cos keep thinking tat u outside, havent slp, alone, nth 2 do. makes me v worried, actualli i wana faster fin my paper soo can faster leave, so tat can go look for u. but i onli fin my paper like 5 min b4 e ending time. soooo i cant. sorri. v sorri. but aft tat see u sooo tired, i realli feel like piggyback u then faster run 2 ur house 2 let u slp lah. e taxi like move soooooooo slowly lah. stupid taxi driver, somemore like blur blur duno how 2 drive.

hehe. but overall i am v happi. if this is my present, i am vvvvvvv glad n happi 2 receive this present.. *ps, u understand wat i meaning?? mean no need buy present. zhi dao ma??*

hehe. thank you for everything darling. vvvv happi. realli though make u vvvv tired now. but i realli am vvvv happi for wat u do for me 2dae. love u forever.. hehe. muackz. =)

full of hugs & kisses

.Monday, April 06, 2009 ' 10:42 PM Y
hehe my darling happy 4 me but dunwan u treat me!!! u treat me many times le..that day alr treat me eat nice curry liaoz..wait for 12th k..hehhehe...i treat u eat hao liao..drive arnd spore eat food!!ur favourite...hehhee

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 1:07 PM Y
yei. clap hands for you darling. this week is your happiest week ever huh.

1st. u pass ur driving.
2nd ur 1st time driving with me in e car ytd.
3rd u got an A for your essay..

*clap hands* muackz. hehe. its time for a celebration huh. hmm. me treat u into something nice okok?? hehe. v happy 4 u.

full of hugs & kisses

.Monday, March 16, 2009 ' 12:29 AM Y
wherever someone thinks of you, that is where home is.
soo here.
in my heart is ur home
as there is someone thinking of you all the time.. =)

love you forever darling. and happy 8th mth anniversary.

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, March 01, 2009 ' 6:19 PM Y

e pic we took at merchant hotel on vday. one of e nicest pic we took together. yupyup.

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 5:44 PM Y
sorri darling. ytd make u worry n fan for e whole day. i promise i wont le. last time. if ever lidat. we will break k?? yupyup. c u soo fan. i v sad. even now. i do feel tat u r v fan n alittle sian to talk 2 me. like afraid 2 tell me things. afraid tat another ytd will happen again. but wont le. realli wont le. soo. dun sian alreadi kk?? pls?? yupyup. hope everything will be fine n go back 2 normal. just pretend ytd didnt happen kk??

realli sorri.

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, February 15, 2009 ' 4:50 PM Y
our 1st valentine day ytd. hmm. quite fun. though quite boring too. hmm. but it is still our 1st valentine day together.

full of hugs & kisses

.Wednesday, December 31, 2008 ' 10:09 AM Y
darling. 2dae is e last day of 2008. hehe. n we are almost together for half a year le. hope we will enjoy ourselves 2dae kk?? hehe.

full of hugs & kisses

.Friday, December 12, 2008 ' 10:33 AM Y
darlingling. hope we enjoy ourselves on sat kk?? hehe. realli cant wait 4 sat 2 come.

full of hugs & kisses

.Thursday, November 27, 2008 ' 10:35 AM Y
yei. 2dae u coming back le. hehe. long 2 c u soon. =)

full of hugs & kisses

.Tuesday, November 25, 2008 ' 6:15 PM Y
2nd day darling in genting=2nd year i in hell...=(
torturing lei. sick not ok. mouth still pain. now neck got abit swollen n pain. =(
still have 2 argue wth my parents over my studies with my voice lidat. fever e whole day. eat panadol still not ok. dun wana go c doc. if not sat i cant come out. =( torturing lei.

but i think darling n i got telepathy lei. everytime i miss him alot. he will call. realli. but onli talk awhile.

i got soooooooooooooooooooo many thingy 2 tell u.

full of hugs & kisses

.Monday, November 24, 2008 ' 7:00 PM Y
darlingling. 1st day u went genting. n i had a long long day 2dae. =(

like hell lor. i am like soooooo miss u.

even though i know u wont msg me. i will still automatically go check my hp. hopefully got. but. dun have. hai. had a realli long day 2dae. 1st thingy. am feeling sick lah. have fever the whole day. =( then went to slp in e afternoon without panadol, hoping tat i will be better when i wake up. but nope. think it got worst. hai.

spend e whole day thinking bout my study stuff. my parents keep asking me 2 stop sch immediately. saying tat y waste e $ when i am determined in studying nie. i keep explaining. but. i duno lah. they say i study le also no help. just a waste of $. hai. i duno lah.

then frm morning till now, my headache just wont stop. i duno wat happen lah.

then while bathing. my tears just fall. after enduring 4 one whole day. =_( cos is like. i am just sooo stress. soo many thingy tat i need to think. then am feeling soo sick tat. i duno. then dun have hear ur voice 4 e whole day.

then suddenly, while talking 2 my parents halfway, i heard ur hp ringtone. i thot my hp siao le. then i go check, omg. i thot i too miss u le. then i ans. omg. is u. i almost wana cry. but i promised u not 2 cry. soo i hold back. then when put down, i just cry. cannot le. i too miss u le. i got alot of thingy 2 complain to u.

i love u forever darling. n i will wait 4 u de. deng ni orh.

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, November 23, 2008 ' 10:35 PM Y
darling lao po..tomorrow i going genting liao..know u sure very miss me one..i also sure very miss you one..never don't talk to you for a few days before...but u must wait for me come back k!!come back I compensate you..talk to you 4 days' worth of things..kk??hehe...must smile smile ah...cannot unhappy ah..if your mouth pain pain u must go see dentist k...guai guai ah...=)..btw darling...u dont worry I will luan luan lai k..I won't one!! cos i love you...<3 u 4eva.................

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 10:00 PM Y
darlingling. 2mr u going off le. must be careful kk. enjoy urself. finally stressfree le nei. hehe. =)

full of hugs & kisses

.Monday, November 10, 2008 ' 5:18 PM Y
darlingling.. all e best 4 ur exams 2mr. jiayou orh. hehe. u can do veri veri veri well de. good luck. muackz.

full of hugs & kisses

.Thursday, November 06, 2008 ' 9:19 PM Y
darlingling. dun tire urself while studying kk. must take cre of urself kk. dun fall sick ah. dun 2 拼命 2 study till u forget 2 take care of urself kk. i dun wan 2 c u suffer k. promise me kk.

full of hugs & kisses

.Tuesday, November 04, 2008 ' 8:14 PM Y
darlingling. all e best 4 ur coming exams. must jiayou orh. but dun 2 stress k.. cos aft tat u can enjoy ur trip. yupyup. haha. xin ku ni le.

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, October 19, 2008 ' 12:47 AM Y
shagua darling. haha. of cos i will be together with u forever. me love u forever. under-ten?? hehe. haiyo. dun have xin ku ah. u got bad tempered meh?? hmm. maybe sometimes lah. hehe. then i sometimes will also like abit unhappi. hehe. but. it is nth k.. i dun mind de. haha.

hehe. i love e water bottle u gave. i will us it everyday 2 drink more water de. hehe.

hope u enjoy urself 2dae kk.. hehe. though in between u abit pek chek n pissed off lidat. hehe. n i also duno wat 2 do but keep quiet n walk together with u. hehe.

btw. darling. i found this online lei. how come u there ah. wat u do huh. huh!! me angry le. HMPF!!

full of hugs & kisses

.Wednesday, October 15, 2008 ' 11:19 PM Y
hehe..i too stress over my work le lah..then v bad tempered..xing ku you must tahan my temper...saturday u planning what thing for me...faster say ah!!hehehehe...happy 3rd month anniversary darling!!! love you 4eva..be together with me forever!!!hehehe

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 9:04 PM Y
darlingling. happi 3rd mth anniversary. dun worry soo much thingy le k?? take 1 thingy at a go. dun overstress urself.

hmm. sat. i will think of somewhere 2 let u relieve ur stress de kk?? yupyup. 包在我身上.. u just enjoy can le. hehe.

full of hugs & kisses

.Wednesday, October 01, 2008 ' 10:53 PM Y
darling lao gong. hehe. enjoyed alot ytd yupyup. realli thank you. hehe. though i look alittle stupid up there. hehe. cos alittle scared. but i enjoyed every time spent with u.. =)

hehe. i upload some of e photos in here kk?? but onli afew..
sweet huh?? smile..

wat thinking darling lao gong??
lao gong n lao po 4eva..
us at singapore flyer...
hope u enjoy too darling.. hehe. love ya 4eva.. muack.. <3

full of hugs & kisses

.Saturday, September 27, 2008 ' 10:05 PM Y
hehe. lao gong. of cos miss u lah. hopefully mon can c u lah. haha. finally saw ur new hairstyle le. hehe. soooo cute. wana pinch ur cheeks. *pinch pinch*

haiyo. i wan faster faster c u lah. hehe. last nite like wat u say. we like 牛郎and织女 lidat. hehe. i at my hse u at e bridge. hehe. but 2 far le. i cant realli c u properly. hehe. but soon can le. realli can le. hehe. yupyup.

muackz muackz darling. miss u.

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 7:47 PM Y

Darling lao po..ur lao gong is here!!!hehehe..missing you..know u also miss me one..so put my picture here..hehe..muacks

full of hugs & kisses

.Monday, September 22, 2008 ' 9:44 PM Y
darlingling..suprise!!!very long never post le...hehehe...ur darling injured leh..back pain pain..faster come over to my side then i can 撒娇 to you..hehe..dunno whether my 撒娇 is correct not..hehe..today I fell very hard know..then immediately got sharp pain in my back ah..next day u help me rub rub ok!!you dont so stress over your POA ah..can ask ur sister teach you one mah..she learn b4 right??the best is ask teacher lah...dont worry..kk??miss you..looking at my hp..hehe

full of hugs & kisses

.Tuesday, September 16, 2008 ' 10:28 AM Y
darlingling. hehe. though alittle late. but happi 2nd mth anniversary. will continue 4eva huh. hehe. like celebrating 2 years le huh. like wat u say. hmm. tired darling. later must go hm n rest kk?? veri scared u will fall sick. u these few days didnt realli take good care of urself. then still stress urself so much. hai. u ah.

full of hugs & kisses

.Friday, September 12, 2008 ' 8:41 PM Y
naughty darling huh. say veri tired le. then in e end use comp. naughty naughty. haiyo. but i am at fault. so it is normal 4 u 2 be angry. yupyup. but if u angry. then no nd think of like cos is me. then u dun angry. or keep e anger into u n not say out kk. not good 4 u, me n e relationship de kk.

hmm. 2dae. when u told me tat ur grandma pass away. i was like sooo worrying bout u. just wana take cab all e way 2 ur side n stay by u. afraid u may be 2 sad but dun dare say it out. so if realli got some unhappi or wat must say k. yupyup. hmm. u have 2 be tired 2dae again le. hai. alreadi so tired. yet cant slp well again. poor thingy. bao bao.

actualli. i realli wana de. 2 pei u. cos go this kinda thingy is alittle sian de. but. there r soo many problem if i am selfish on just wanting 2 go there. lik 1. u will worry bout me when i go there n when i go hm. then ur family will suspect ma. if i go alone. then like u have 2 entertain me more when i am there. then u will be more tired. yupyup. soo. overall i told u i dun go le. yupyup. cos b4 tat. i was thinking of ways 2 go there. ya.

darling. its ok if we cant meet 2mr or on mon. its realli ok de. we can celebrate other day de. kk. dun worry. yupyup. thinking tat u will be veri tired 4 e nxt few days make me heartache. hai. then cant c u 4 e nxt few days. scared when i nxt time i c u.u become realli thin then i must feed u till u become fat fat de. kk. yupyup.

full of hugs & kisses

.Thursday, September 11, 2008 ' 11:43 PM Y
hehe darling i also very long never post le leh..4 more days to what what what ah??hehehe...the photo my hand very fat leh..i think i must go photoshop it..hehehhee..now really tired leh..play soccer use up all my energy liao..hehe just nw angry with u leh..bt after awhile i tink i shdnt be angry with u..dunno y..only u then i gt this feeling leh..like dunwan to be so angry with u..u do wrong things i still wan to forgive u..hehe..i tink cos u r the one for me.thats y will liddat hor??hehe..love u 4eva..c u tmr!!!

full of hugs & kisses

.Tuesday, September 09, 2008 ' 9:16 PM Y
darling darling. hehe. long since i write sth huh. haha.

i realli love this pic. hehe. maybe cos u look cute in here. realli cute. n seldom do i c u show a victory sign. haha. so cute huh. n u smile in this pic.

poor darling. these few days soo tired. cos got so much hw 2 do. must try slp early le k. we dun talk till soo late le lah. maybe talk around like 15-30 min can le lah. kk?? then u can slp earlier. yupyup.

full of hugs & kisses

.Tuesday, September 02, 2008 ' 7:39 PM Y
darling darling. hehe. this few days keep having fever. nt at e right condition. hehe. but of cos. getting better le. hehe. a long illness huh. haha. but realli scared will pass 2 u. so darling. must drink more water k. take care of urself when i nt by ur side. which is most of e time. hai. but. dun drink cold water darling.

haha. darling. u veri cute huh. haiyo. not tat i dun mind u going out late at nite ma. is tat if u stay at hm. u will be realli bored ma. rite?? like wat happen in e morning. u become alittle sian n bad mood ma. since u have pple 2 pei u go out. y nt rite. at least u did told me e truth of where u r going n who u going wth. then y will i mind orh. dui ma. i jus wana u 2 stay happi ma. dun wan 2 c any frown on ur face le. zhi dao ma. hehehe. my ke ai de small boy.

hmm. darling. nxt time gt anythingy i will just ask u le. will nt assume on my own de le. hehe. sorri. mm. dun worry k. hehe. looking forward 2 2mr. ypuyup. finally huh.

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, August 31, 2008 ' 1:30 PM Y
darling darling sorry k..i too phobia liao..then u know i think alot one u know..like u write one sentence i can think until like u write one whole paragraph one.haha..but fang xin k..i really trust u..then its like i very seldom go out till so late mah..sumore its like they gng drink..normally girls will be like very worried very unsecured liddat mah..but u so different..like never make any trouble for me then i of course will think mah..see whether u really ok with me not..yup yup..but nw i know u ok with me gng out so next time i everytime go out till late late lor..hehehehe joking with u only la..i don't really like going..ytday very boring la..then very tired..i only slp at 4 lor..then 8am the sun start to shine liao..shine at the wrong time la..hehe..muacks darling..just nw u give me surprise video call then i see u my mood immediately good leh..hehehe..love u lots lots

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 12:06 AM Y
darling darling. i know is my fault 4 causing u 2 be lidat.. but i alittle sad tat u like dun trust me just nw.. i know u got phobia le.. all cos of me.. sorri.. i shouldnt have done tat. now like tat. then u just now sooo scared lidat. when i realli do wan u 2 enjoy urself when u r outside. i dun wan u 2 worry at all. sorri. make u alittle cant enjoy just now.

i realli do wan u 2 enjoy urself de. not tat i being sarcastic or wat k.. realli. but wateva i write like u dun believe. u know i realli sad. even though when u say u trust me. i know u still dun believe me de. but darling. i will prove 2 u de. no matter wat. wateva unhappi thingy or happi thingy. i will say. k. i will prove 2 u de. i will make tat phobia of urs vanish. then make u trust me wholeheartedly.

full of hugs & kisses

.Saturday, August 30, 2008 ' 5:06 PM Y
darling darling..u today like abit unhappy hor??if is bcos u cant come out with me then unhappy then must cheer up k..i also never blame u..also not bcos u dunwan come out lor..hehe..smile smile k..today i very naughty dunwan study leh..hehe..v long nv write here liao..u also..but nvm la..nt impt..whats more impt is when we c each other or we dun see each other we still love each other as much..the feeling still as strong or stronger..hor hor???heheh love u ah..muacks..

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, August 24, 2008 ' 10:51 PM Y
darling darling. hehe. sorri bout ytd huh. no more le. realli no more le. kk. yupyup. n i will change 4 e best of e best me de. mm. hehe.

just now is e song tat i said ytd. nice huh. alittle like our story huh. tats y i put it in. u try listening 2 it. hehe. if not nice must tell me ah. haha. k.

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 10:24 PM Y
All these precious moments
with you by my side
must be a gift from heaven
that's holding me all night

i don't know how i found you
i'm thankful that i have
now that i have a love so true
to hold, to keep, to share

In my heart i can no longer hold inside
all of the love i used to hide
i'll always be with you until the very end
in this world there is no place i'd rather be
you are my life, my soul, my girl
and through it all i know
that you've come to see that you're the one till the end

All my friend around me
say you'd be gone too soon
baby i'm gonna make them see
we've found our way back home

In my heart i can no longer hold inside
all of the love i used to hide
i'll always be with you until the very end
in this world there is no place i'd rather be
you are my life, my soul, my girl
and through it all i know
that you've come to see that you're the one till the end

We'll always be till the end.

full of hugs & kisses

.Thursday, August 21, 2008 ' 9:34 PM Y
eh darling..what u mean u bring urself to this?? regret huh??hmpf...tomorrow we can meet leh..finally..even if only for a few hours i also happy..everyday only look at your photo not enough know??hehhe..someone just now make me angry ah..want buy dou hua for you still wan to xian qi..hmpf...da pi gu ah..pi gu itchy already right??? hehe..dont need keep apologize ok..u make me angry nvm one..i will forgive you one k..fang xin..

full of hugs & kisses

.Wednesday, August 20, 2008 ' 10:55 PM Y
haiyo.. darling.. u didnt talk 2 me often cos u busy ma.. rite.. u have 2 move 2 ur hostel ma.. haiyo.. u ah.. cute louis.. haha.. no nd apologise lah.. haiyo.. not ur fault kk.. i bad mood is not entirely ur fault de kk.. maybe cos is pms.. then plus we didnt realli talk.. then i no1 2 tell 2.. then it is like keep in there 4 afew days.. didnt leak anythingy out ma.. then suddenly.. i write e blog.. like use needle poke it.. disturbing it.. then boom.. it burst.. everythingy come out.. even my tears huh.. haha.. then somemore u come in n talk about it.. double boom.. everythingy come out.. hehe.. then 瀑布come out le.. haha.. 瀑布frm e eyes.. haha..
i didnt keep thingy frm u ah.. just tat u busy.. then soo tired.. dun wana add more thingy onto u ma.. then even more stress on u.. somemore u didnt realli talk 2 me is cos of being 2 busy le ma.. i should be e more forgiving 1.. n understand ur plight ma.. yupyup.. my fault.. kk.. i bring myself 2 this de.. sorri.. mm.. *nod head* hehe..
darling.. i know u wont anyhow de lah.. hehe..

full of hugs & kisses

.Tuesday, August 19, 2008 ' 11:15 PM Y
Darling sorry..i these few days spend too much time on my own stuff that i never talk much to you..make u feel neglected..sorry..but i swear I not hu gao outside k..i never bluff u..i wont luan luan lai one..i love you too mu bad mood over what u must tell me k..i love you too much to do that to you one..u again wan to keep things from me lor..please treat me as ur lao gong can?? fen dan with me can?? or else we will never progress one u know?? haiz..love u..

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 10:20 PM Y
hmm.. these few days.. we didnt realli talk much huh.. hmm.. maybe cos my mood not good ba.. then somemore u r busy n tired.. yupyup.. soo like we talk n msg less le.. yupyup.. but.. nah.. its ok.. as long as our hearts have each other can le rite..

hmm.. sorri huh.. these few days mood not veri good.. hmm.. sorri bout it..

hmm.. think stop here le ba.. if not more bad mood thingy will appear here..

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, August 17, 2008 ' 9:14 PM Y
darling darling.. good tat u enjoy ytd.. hehe.. i also enjoy.. yupyup.. we realli feel like we were married huh.. maybe we should considered us married huh?? hehe.. jking lah.. haha.. eh.. haiyo.. i no veri xing ku in e train lah.. just wana faint onli ma.. haha.. tat time i wana come out of e train.. i thot i am going 2 faint.. haha.. but was thinking cant faint lah.. later scare u.. haha.. soo i try 2 make myself better.. hehe.. no need heart pain lah.. i am alittle weak.. soo is normal 4 me 2 feel giddy sometimes.. just tat will not be often de ma.. haha.. lidat u will heart pain all e time lei.. i dun wana u 2 feel heart pain kk.. u pain i doubly pain.. kk..

eh.. i dun wan.. nxt mth e programme i wana plan.. i plan kk??? hehe.. i plan lah.. ok.. on.. hehe.. then i try 2 plan alot of thingy 2 make u happi.. c u smile i am veri veri happi.. kk.. hehe.. miss u darling.. nxt week cant c u lei.. hai.. cos lesson everyday.. sian lah..

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.Saturday, August 16, 2008 ' 10:33 PM Y
大宝贝..hehe today happy happy not?? had fun with your 小宝贝right?? hehehe i enjoyed the day leh..we like married already la..how i wish everyday is like today..hehe..very happy leh..i tot ur mama will scold u for the pants know..u so dunno how to lie one..lucky ah u..hehe..hope u are better now lor..jus now in mrt see u so xingku i very heart pain la..next time we eat le dun go lie down kk??hehe i go plan next anniversary itinerary k..=) muacks darling

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.Friday, August 15, 2008 ' 11:17 PM Y
darling darling.. wat day is today??? hehe.. a veri veri impt day 4 both of us huh.. hehe.. cos is our 1st mth anniversary.. hehe.. yei yei.. clap hands.. haha.. hmm.. though we didnt do much 2dae.. but as long as e time is spent with u.. i am veri veri happi le.. hehe.. hope u r happi huh.. hehe.. yupyup.. tired huh.. haha.. i am also tired now.. haha.. yei.. 2mr meeting u.. hehe.. was thinking.. nxt wk cant meet u much lei.. cos nxt sat cant.. then 4 days all lesson.. hai.. sian lah.. hehe.. but think got 1 of e week onli got 1 day lesson.. cool huh?? haha..

was thinking. wat cca should i join huh.. if not in sim alittle bored lei.. haha.. but still considering.. hehe..

darling darling.. darling darling.. how i wish everyday can be like 2dae.. so fun huh.. hehe.. k lah.. dun say le.. tired le huh..

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.Thursday, August 14, 2008 ' 9:54 PM Y
It's all about you (it's all about you)
It's all about you baby
It's all about you (it's all about you)
It's all about you

Yesterday you asked me something I thought you knew
So I answer you with a smile, it's all about you
Then you whispered in my ear and you told me too
That you made my life worthwhile, it's all about you

And I would answer all of your wishes
If you ask me to
But if you deny me one of your kisses
Don't know what I'd do
So hold me close and say three words like you used to do
Dancing on the kitchen tiles, it's all about you, yeah!

And I would answer all of your wishes
If you ask me to
But if you deny me one of your kisses
Don't know what I'd do
So hold me close and say three words like you used to do
Dancing on the kitchen tiles
Yes you make my life worthwhile
So I told you with a smile

It's all about you
It's all about you (it's all about you)
It's all about you baby
It's all about you (it's all about you)
It's all about you
It's all about you

All About You - McFly

tada.. nah.. 4 u de.. my words 4 u.. hehe.. especially e centre part.. more meaningful.. though e whole song means my words 4 u.. yupyup.. darling.. i am excited..

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. ' 9:41 PM Y
wahahaha.. knew it tat u will be doing our blog.. haha.. afew more hours darling.. 3 more hours.. hehe.. yei.. our 1st mth.. though is 1st mth.. but it seems like we were together 4 a long time.. haha.. we have forever to count down to huh.. hehe..

darling.. sorri tat i am alittle unhappi ytd.. cos of some family stuff tat u know huh.. i will learn not 2 worry so much kk.. yupyup.. cos is like.. ya.. but.. i will still smile in front of u de kk.. cos i am happi with u.. yupyup.. soo dun worry bout me kk.. i will always remain a smile for u 2 c de.. but when i am unhappi or bad mood.. u have 2 make me smile again kk.. cos onli u can be able 2 make me smile again.. understand ma?? haha.. nxt entry is a song 2 u.. onli e lyrics.. yupyup..

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. ' 9:40 PM Y
Hehe darling..i go find love poem for you leh..hehe tomorrow is our 1st month anniversary leh..are u excited??hehhe..just now went PS wanted see got any more stuff to buy for u leh..but end up cant find anything suitable..wanted but toy for u one lor..but i scared later ur mama see..hehhe later but toy end up erwin take n play hor..hehhe..we these 2 days talk less isit ah?? dunno y i feel like we talk less leh darling..yup yup

today i super teh tired man..i run 2.4 know..in 20 mins..hahaha..slow rite??the stupid treadmill lah..max speed only 7.2km/hr..haha..kk i gt msn u liao...hehhe...love ya

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. ' 9:34 PM Y
John Clare

First Love

I ne'er was struck before that hour

With love so sudden and so sweet.
Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower
And stole my heart away complete.

My face turned pale, a deadly pale.
My legs refused to walk away,
And when she looked what could I ail
My life and all seemed turned to clay.

And then my blood rushed to my face
And took my eyesight quite away.
The trees and bushes round the place
Seemed midnight at noonday.
I could not see a single thing,Words from my eyes did start.
They spoke as chords do from the string,And blood burnt round my heart.
Are flowers the winter's choice
Is love's bed always snow

She seemed to hear my silent voice
Not love appeals to know.
I never saw so sweet a face
As that I stood before.
My heart has left its dwelling place
And can return no more.

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.Monday, August 11, 2008 ' 10:22 PM Y
darling darling.. i wont let u wear green cap de kk.. dun worry.. nah.. dun worry.. if u realli not free.. can dun need write de lah.. u r soo tired le.. then no need write de kk.. i dun wana force u.. later u run away ah.. haha.. yupyup.. soo if u tired then dun need write kk..

darling.. like wat i always say.. sometimes.. i wont wana tell u when i am unhappi or hurt.. is cos i dun wana u 2 worry about soo many thingy.. cos u also have ur own thingy 2 worry.. but u also dun seem 2 tell me de.. always keep 2 urself.. then if i tell u more unhappi thingy.. u keep everythingy 2 urself n suffer on ur own.. i dun wana that.. soo sometimes.. i will wana suffer on ur own n try 2 lessen ur burden.. understand ma?? i know u wana know everythingy about me.. i also wana know everythingy about u ah.. 知道吗.. u c.. u tear also must hide from me.. then onli now then tell me.. i dun wan u 2 lidat can?? i wana u 2 tell me everythingy about u too.. everythingy.. understand.. no matter how minor or how major is e thingy.. just tell me.. can ma?? i am ur lao po rite?? unless u dun treat me as ur lao po.. haha.. haiyo.. c lah.. i write this will also have tears in my eyes.. me 2 emotional le huh?? everytime i read wat u write.. i will also have tears in my eyes.. but are all happi tears.. haha.. veri veri emotional huh?? veri easily cry de huh?? haha.. we havent 1 mth.. think u hear me cry afew times ba.. haha.. but dun blame urself when u cry.. cos is cos i too love u le.. then everytime i feel tat i not good or make u unhappi or angry.. then i will cry de.. kk?? dun blame urself ah..

darling.. if u realli wana join dance with ur friends.. just join.. i know u told me u not interested is cos u know i do mind.. but just tat i pushing it away 2 tell u 2 join.. its ok.. cos if i restrict u 2 much now.. u will feel pressured n run away.. i have 2 get used 2 u knowing girls n not feeling jealous rite.. cos in future.. at ur workplace.. there will confirm be more girls than guys de ma.. then if i dun get use now.. in future.. u will have 2 drink vinegar as ur plain water le lor.. understand ma.. cos i quite easily jealous de.. soo from now.. u have 2 train me not 2 be easily jealous de kk.. ya.. soo.. just go join lah.. as long as u did tell me everythingy can le.. kk.. dun need 2 ask if i mind.. cos i dun wana force u 2 do thingy u dun wana.. e feeling is not good de.. ok..

~lao po~

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.Sunday, August 10, 2008 ' 7:36 PM Y
wah darling darling..i 3 days never write alrady leh..very bad hor me??hehe cos i very tired everyday lor..but not excuse to don't write..though i know in ur heart u never blame me but I will try to write often kkk???hehe..yesterday is a very happy day 4 me lor..hee cos last time i used to feel that you willl never go shop with me cos u say u only shop with ur mama.bt yesterday u shop with me leh..feell like we really married already la..i smiling to myself..haha siaw already..talking abt the movie..i see u cry i very sad also lor..i also got tear know??but u never see right??haha..c i so clever i hide so well..hehe..i sumore tear 2 times la..haha..next time u don't need worry u cold k..next day we together go buy a sweater 4 u..i buy 4 u k..u cant saydunwan ah..spend on u how much my heart also won't pain one..ahh..i want say one more thing..in future u anything must tell me ah..head pain leg pain bu shu fu not happy everything all must say ah..like what i said yesterday..ant bite u also must tell me..i want to know everything about u k???明白吗darling??hehe still gt one more last thing...i everytime gt say one..but doesn't mean these words from my mouth very cheap..only meant 4 u..n its i will love u forever..hehe no matter what wrong things u do u say I will forgive u..but give me wear 绿帽cannot ah..hehe

to be continued.....

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. ' 4:50 PM Y
darling darling.. hehe.. ytd went shopping huh.. like wat u say.. we 1st time realli went shopping 4 e whole day.. haha.. cos last time we are busy ma.. rite?? hehe.. went alot of place ytd huh?? went bugis then vivocity then bishun.. haha.. think we spent more time on travelling ba.. haha.. especially bus huh?? our fave transport.. haha..

went bugis to shop.. then went vivo actualli wana watch movie + c e scenery de.. but duno wat exactly happen.. suddenly national day.. sooooooo many pple rush 2 watch movie.. then all movie selling fast.. then e queue is soooooooo long.. roar.. pek chek lah.. went bishun.. same thingy happpen.. hai.. in e end. get 2 watch money no enough 2.. but we were sitting in e 1st row.. funni huh.. onli both of us there.. n at e 7th mth.. haha.. weird huh.. then darling.. u nauhgty huh.. scare me lah.. pull e handrest up without telling me.. then i thot realli sth happen lah.. u ah.. naughty huh.. think 1st time u c me cry ba.. though in e dark.. haha.. cos tat part realli veri sad ma.. soo poor thingy.. hehe.. but worth watching lah.. though aft tat my head alittle pain.. hehe..

hmm.. as 4 e last part.. i dun wana write.. cos it is unhappi part 4 me.. soo i dun wana write.. but. overall.. darling.. i enjoy e day.. veri veri happi.. hope it applies 2 u too?? hehe..

~lao po~

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.Friday, August 08, 2008 ' 10:52 PM Y
darling darling.. shouldnt have doubt u last nite.. sorri.. will not happen le kk.. hehe..

2dae.. meet ur friends.. hehe.. quite a fun batch.. too bad my sch dun have this kinda pple.. hehe.. sorri huh.. throw ur face today le.. hehe.. but u realli sing well.. haha..

hmm.. u should be tired le huh.. haha.. ok lah.. cya 2mr..

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.Thursday, August 07, 2008 ' 10:21 PM Y
darling darling.. haha.. nah.. no need 2 feel guilty lah.. not ur fault ma.. unless u got do sth tat i duno de.. then of cos u must feel guilty.. understand.. if u didnt then no need 2 feel guilty de.. kk??

hmm.. finally able 2 c u 2dae.. haha.. though e time is short.. yupyup.. but able 2 c u once can le.. haha.. yupyup.. haha..

went 2 ur sch 2 look 4 u 2dae.. 1st time i go 2 pple sch 2 look 4 pple de.. hehe.. n u r e 1st 1.. hehe.. ur sch alittle big huh.. haha.. or maybe is 2 big le ba.. omg.. i climb e stairs is climb till i wana faint le lor.. hehe.. this prove sth.. i need 2 exercise more.. haha..

haha.. ok lah.. stop here le..

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. ' 10:46 AM Y
darling actually i a few days never write i quite guilty leh..then also scared u say i change la..recently always slp early..yup but i never change k..just that i think i too tired already..everyday go sch so long then the travelling journey sucks la..like the train always packed i dunno y also..then no place sit then go school have to climb and climb stairs know..like go mountain liddat..hee..didn't really talk much to u about ya school but its ok..we can talk today when i see u right??hhehe..waiting for the moment to come..hehe..love u..tks for being so understanding of ur lao gong..love u always

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.Wednesday, August 06, 2008 ' 10:57 PM Y
darling darling.. its ok if u didnt write kk?? cos u always soo busy de.. soo its ok if u didnt write.. i dun blame u.. yupyup.. poor lao gong is tired now.. hai..

was alittle shocked when u say u need 2 visit ur grandma at e hosp.. somemore u say maybe.. i keep thinking.. duno how will ur grandma be.. lucky she is alrite.. phew..

hmm.. u must be realli tired ytd huh.. play sports le still have 2 worry bout ur grandma.. no wonder this few days u soo early slp le..

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.Tuesday, August 05, 2008 ' 10:01 PM Y
darling.. 1st day of sch tiring huh.. somemore u got 1 2hr lesson n another 3hr lesson.. confirm tired de lah.. u ah.. then still have 2 wake up early.. haiyo.. u ah.. nvm.. nxt time u start 2 move 2 hostel then no need wake up early le.. yupyup.. c u tired le then still insist on talking 2 me 4 awhile makes me heartache.. u ah.. must da pi gu huh.. always duno how 2 take care of urself de.. then i cant be by ur side 2 take care of u.. make me worry huh.. naughty boy..

haha.. hope u feeling quite ok in ur lesson?? haha.. i am alittle blur in my lesson.. maybe cos not veri prepared.. then 1st lesson e lecturer teach quite a large amt frm e notes.. soo alittle cant absorb soo well yet.. hehe.. then go home need alonger time 2 revise.. haha.. yupyup.. somemore no tut.. hehe.. but ah.. u must buy sweets lah.. if not u will be realli tired in ur lesson.. then fall aslp like 2day.. nvm.. thurs i help u buy lots of sweets.. then u can bring 4 ur lessons.. hehe.. kk??

we both must jia you orh.. hehe.. study hard together.. then must earn alot of money 4 our future kk?? hehe..

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.Monday, August 04, 2008 ' 10:51 PM Y
wah darling the blog become very nice leh..hehehe got my photoes..bt shy shy leh..i tink i not very nice inside leh..not photogenic one..not like my darling hor??hehe..lao po..if u like i can think solutions 4 u forever one..only u got this privilege lah..hehehe..next time we take more pictures k..next time u must do all the poses then i tk 4 u then we put in here k..tmr u go schooll already hor..must be very excited right?? hehe..must make more friends k..dun need always worry i bored or not k..hehe muacks..

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. ' 12:08 PM Y
below is e photo gallery of our love story huh?? hehe.. i onli add in afew photos nia.. haha.. e rest can be found in our facebook huh?? yupyup.. hehe.. darling.. u spend soo much time making opur facebook.. soo this is my little contribution to this blog.. hehe.. though jus adding our photos.. but.. it means alot.. hehe..

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. ' 11:52 AM Y
darling.. i putting some of our photos here.. u dun mind huh?? hehe.. each time we take photo then put up.. kk?? show pple how my lao gong look like.. hehe..

look at how cute my darling is.. hehe..

i will nv let go of this hand.. i will hold it realli tight n nv ever let it go..

bleahz.. hehe..

roar.. ahhhh.. he wana eat me up.. hehe.. i am willing 2 let him eat.. hehe.. isnt he just soo cute??

in front of u.. i am able 2 show my true self.. hehe.. cos u like me being my true self..

u say u like this photo.. i like it too.. cos e lighting is realli good huh?? hehe.. darling.. i love u.. muackz..

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.Sunday, August 03, 2008 ' 9:55 PM Y
darling darling.. didnt get 2 talk 2 u much today.. cos alittle restricted.. hehe.. yupyup.. but now u can c me le.. hehe.. though i cant c u.. =( haha.. but c ur photo also same as c u ma.. hehe.. u happi = me happi understand.. hehe.. as long as i c u smile or laugh.. i veri happi.. i can just look at ur happi face n dun feel sian at all.. hehe.. i too used to looking at ur face le.. hehe.. now.. once i close my eyes.. whole scene of u smiling at me.. hehe..

lucky we did take photos ytd.. though not alot.. but enough 4 me 2 keep looking 4 afew days.. haha..

lao gong.. i like it when u think of solutions 4 me.. then make me not worry.. tats y i feel secure with u.. i nv have this feeling b4.. onli u can give me.. Onli yyyyyyyyooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu.. hehe.. still rmb?? hehe..

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.Saturday, August 02, 2008 ' 11:04 PM Y
haa my darling ah..she really is a big silly girl lor..always 胡思乱想 one lor..haa..u know actually u no need scared mah..ur lao gong been through a few relationships before know..so somehow i'm quite sure of what i really want in a relationship what traits I want from my gf and future lao po..still blur blur about what i trying to say right??haha.ok what i mean is u don't need to scared that bcos of this present problem then I will go n like other girls that I mix with all that..cos in my heart u are nearest to perfect..as in we both very compatiable..then u also very guai very ting hua..which I like very much (but won't take advantage) etc etc..in short i want you as my future lao po lor..so like what i said..i'm willing to wait and i won't like for nothing say i willing to wait right not?? understand not darling?? hehe hope u today got enjoy alot know..u talk to me more openly i more like lor..so don't need worry one lor..like what u said..''newly-weds'' !! hehe.. I love u darling..don't go anyhow think n get worried k...fate brought us together and whatever problems we face..fate already has a solution in place..=)

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. ' 10:34 PM Y
darling darling.. hmm.. 2dae is a realli happi day 4 me.. hehe.. n i know it is a realli happi day 4 u 2 huh?? hehe.. yupyup.. sometimes i just hope 2 be with u everyday. i just feel soo secure with u.. but when i am at home.. i dun feel secure.. tats when i will start 2 胡思乱想.. yupyup..

darling.. we both veri tired today huh?? hehe.. cos of wat?? hehe.. u know i know can le.. hehe.. no need to explain anymore.. haha.. i realise i 2dae veri open 2 u huh.. as in i dare to talk like more openly.. isnt it?? haha.. hope u dun mind huh? hehe..

hmm.. sorri.. darling.. i know i shouldnt have any doubts in u.. is not tat i have doubts in u or our relationship in future.. just tat.. i am just worried about my mama.. yupyup.. tats all.. but aft wat u tell me just now.. i feel alot better now.. maybe cos i am overly paranoid just now.. then my mind cant think rite.. actualli there are solutions to e problem de.. hehe.. my lao gong help me think of these solutions.. hehe.. thanks lao gong.. hehe.. =D dun worry kk?? i wont think about n worry about this matter le.. hehe..

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. ' 9:31 AM Y
darling darling u don't worry about what happened ok?? i'm ok but next time u got things must say k..don't need say scared i worry about u then u don't tell me..understand not?? u don't tell me i will get more worried instead right??hehe now already 9 plus leh..another 3 hours we will see each other le..hehe.i'm very excited lah..later going do ''so many'' things..haha..u know what i mean!!! yup yup..see u later lao po..muackz u now then really muackz u later..hehe

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.Friday, August 01, 2008 ' 8:07 PM Y
darling darling.. sorri bout ytd.. i think i have scared u too.. sorri.. but.. everytime aft this kinda thingy happen.. dun u think tat we r even closer to each other?? dun u agree?? hehe.. though making us closer is good.. but i dun wana it to happen in this way.. cos there are other ways 2 make us closer.. rite rite?? hehe.. yupyup..

darling.. u must be bored auring ur orientation ba.. cant msg u nor call u much today.. me miss u soo much lah.. hai.. sorri.. but nvm.. 2mr can c le.. hehe.. darling darling.. miss u..

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.Thursday, July 31, 2008 ' 9:52 AM Y
darling darling.. hehe.. now we got e same couple phone le.. hehe.. cute lah u.. haha.. now i got ur pic as me phone wallpaper n u got my pic as ur phone wallpaper.. hehe.. whenever i miss u.. can c ur face.. haha.. cute huh.. stick out ur tongue.. hehe.. bleahz.. haha.. dun care ah.. sat must take lots of photo with u.. alot alot orh.. hehe..

ahhhh.. sat faster come lah.. faster faster.. roar.. cant wait for sat.. then nxt tues faster come.. lidat.. i can sms u freely le.. but u can no need reply.. hehe.. cos ur plan havent over ba.. hehe.. but sat.. is my 1st day of sch.. soo aft i fin sch can go look 4 u.. hehe.. cos pretty near huh.. hehe.. even if is veri far.. i will also go look 4 u de.. hehe..

everyday.. i wake up with a smile.. cos i know i can talk 2 u.. n hear ur sweet voice.. hehe.. but on days that i can meet u.. i wake up with a wide smile.. like this =D haha.. my darling lao gong.. muackz..

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.Wednesday, July 30, 2008 ' 3:48 PM Y
darling.. i think i realli did alot of good things last time.. if not how can i get such a nice person like u.. darling darling.. i think i am e luckiest girl ever.. nv can other girls get this privilege.. understand.. onli me.. hehe.. darling.. i must be ur best lao po ever.. okok.. =)

my darling is Louis Lee Tze Wei.. no1 can take him away.. understand.. bleahz.. n hor.. no matter how u look.. or how u become.. i will still wan u de.. okok.. yupyup..

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. ' 3:40 PM Y
darling darling..how can i punish you leh?? u are my love u know..when u pain or u sad or u unhappy my heart will hurt u know?? i already punish u liao..by keeping u by my side..so don't feel sad already k..but u must 自动 abit k..those things that shouldn't be there go n take away..even though may not be something that u wanna keep, just that u forgot to take away...u let me see i also will feel sian one rite?? same thing for me also..but lucky i never ever write anything for a girl before..u are the 1st and the last...hehe...

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. ' 3:28 PM Y

I think i now say what also cannot describe my feelings lah..i think ''I love u forever'' is most suitable to somewhat reassure u of my feelings la...I love Patricia Mah forever...hehehe..darling.even though just now u make me angry then very disappointed, my feelings never change..also dunno y will like that know..maybe heaven already say we must be together no matter what..thats y u make me unhappy i still never ever think of want to break up with u or what..instead I think if i don't have u i don't know what to do..u r the reason i breathe..u r the reason i am always happy in my heart even though there are unhappy things happening around me..hope u know what i mean..yup yup..don't get too bothered by what happened just now k..as long as u don't let it happen again can already..in future gt what just tell me..at least even when i disappointed in my heart i know that at least u truthful to me..dong mah??

yesterday remember i talk to my mama about u?? i tell her say we both feel like we know each other very long already know..then she also very shocked leh..hahaha..don't let our fate go to waste k..some people one whole life cannot find the person they are fated to be with but we did..so we must really treasure this k...



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. ' 3:14 PM Y
darling darling.. sorri.. realli sorri.. shouldnt have done tat.. make u sad then me myself also heart pain.. sorri.. i know i shouldnt cry.. but whenever i hear ur voice.. i just cant stop crying.. sorri.. disappoint u le.. but no more 2nd time le.. i promise.. i swear.. no more.. sorri.. just now got 1 period of time i duno y.. my mind just went blank.. cos u suddenly went offline.. then like dun wana have any contact with me.. i just suddenly went blank.. then i cant even do anythingy.. at tat time i just wana cry out loud.. but i cant.. i at tat time trying 2 hold my tears back.. cant cry out at all.. cant even tear.. but when i call u.. e moment i hear ur voice.. i just tear.. lucky nobody was around.. except erwin.. then he keep smiling at me.. but i just keep tearing.. darling.. sorri.. shouldnt have done it.. i at tat time realli veri 难受.. nvm will it happen anymore.. till now.. when i writing.. i also about to tear.. sorri.. realli sorri.. at tat time i realli just wana run 2 ur house n kneel in front of u.. n apologise 2 u.. sorri.. sorri..

darling.. u punish me then i will feel better.. so sat u must punish me ah.. okok?? no matter wat u have 2 punish me..

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.Tuesday, July 29, 2008 ' 10:04 AM Y
李思伟 - 马佩霞



Darling Darling!! Happy 2 weekss!! hehe..doesn't matter whether u forget or not..I still love you deep deep..hehe..hope u like this post!! muacks....

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. ' 10:04 AM Y
darling.. happi 2nd week anniversary.. i didnt forget.. nor did i find excuse... i was waiting 4 u 2 reply me then i wish u ma.. yupyup.. but.. nvm.. happi 2nd week.. hehe.. seems like duno how many years anniversary huh?? haha.. this will continue 4eva huh?? haha.. 4eva we will celebrate our anniversary..

hehe.. ytd when u told me that u told ur mama u bringing me to ur house.. i was shocked.. but at e same time veri happi.. hehe.. tats y i will give u tat ans.. haha.. but.. i will try my best to give ur parents veri good impression de.. hehe.. though i know sometimes i will say thingy that offend pple.. hehe.. but cos of our future.. i will change myself de.. hehe.. okok?? yupyup..

darling.. let u 心痛.. sorri.. cos everytime when u tell me my bad points.. i will feel that u like too good le.. then i like got sooo many bad points.. like not good enough 4 u.. thats y i will tear.. yupyup.. sorri.. but i am veri happi tat u r willing 2 tell me all these thingy.. soo that i can change 2 how u wana me 2 be.. okok?? yupyup.. ytd when u tell me that when u hear me cry.. u feel like rushing 2 my house n bao me.. i realli am soo touched.. realli.. tat my heart become veri suan.. like i feel sooo touched.. realli.. i must try my veri veri best 2 make u veri veri veri happi everyday.. okok?? yupyup..

full of hugs & kisses

.Monday, July 28, 2008 ' 3:58 PM Y
darling darling.. 2dae u went 2 watch movie alone.. i abit sad.. =( hai.. i know i cant talk about it.. but.. nvm.. soon we can do thingy together le.. thats y u c i keep calling u.. cos i dun wana u 2 feel lonely outside.. understand?? hehe.. just hope that sch can faster start.. soo that i can have more chances of meeting u aft my classes rite?? yupyup.. hehe.. like wat u say.. we can study together.. n soo on.. hehe..

actualli on sat i feel like we r newly weds lei.. hehe.. veri sweet lidat lah.. huh?? hehe.. yupyup.. though cant go too often.. cos too expensive le.. but.. like wat u told me just now.. occassionally go also can rite?? haha..

darling darling darling darling.. hehe.. ok lah.. stop here.. i alittle tired.. go rest awhile.. enjoy ur movie.. n always think that i am with u.. cos my heart is in u n ur heart is in mine.. hehe..

full of hugs & kisses

.Sunday, July 27, 2008 ' 9:20 PM Y
hehe..darling no need be touched lah...my own family knows about us mah..besides my brother..but its ok one..just now my mother somemore ask me whether yesterday isit go with you go watch movie lor..cos i was like telling her i go watch movie with my friend..haha

anyway lao po u no need scared i too tired la..i strong strong one lor..wont suffer one..hehe..everytime i tired i think of u then not tired le lor..hehe..n dont worry about me saying u selfish kla..cos i know its very natural of u to don't want me to go lor..got so many girls around u sure will be very worried one lor..but i not buaya guy mah..i wont anyhow anyhow one..yep yep..if its me i also wont want to go one lor..so its very normal one..we just love each other too much right??

hehe u know ah i feel u changed quite abit ever since the time I told u what i want from u as a gf know..hehehe..deep down my heart i know la..just that i everytime like to niao u..hehehe..but u cant get complacent hor..must maintain ur good work k..now my image of my lao po is very the good one..u cant spoil it k.hehe..jiayou!! at the same time i wil also try to improve myself..be more understanding towards u k..then liddat we can forever be happpy happy with each other right?? muacks muacks muacks..i miss saturday!!hahaha=) for patricia darling!!

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 8:55 PM Y
darling.. hehe.. hope u happi ytd.. cos i realli am realli happy.. yupyup.. hope e time can freeze there huh?? hehe.. but nvm.. there is forever 4 us rite??? haha.. yupyup.. hmm.. i am realli happy when u tell me ur mama know about it.. haha.. like.. duno.. 说不出的感动.. haha.. hmm.. hopefully soon ur whole family will know huh?? haha.. actualli.. i am not realli sure if my mama suspect anot.. cos is like just know.. i ans ur call.. then i am not sure if she heard our conversation.. cos is like i dun talk 2 pple in that kinda tone de.. soo.. hopefully she did suspect huh.. but still allow me to go on.. yupyup.. hehe.. if in this case.. ur 6th sense is veri accurate huh.. haha.. cos u did tell me that this will happen realli soon.. haha..

hmm.. my ulcer in my mouth is like soo big.. ahhh.. darling.. hopefully u didnt get any in ur mouth.. yupyup.. haha.. okok.. end here 1st.. cos some things are weird to be typed here.. it is better to talk on e phone or face to face.. darling.. hopefully u wont feel tired aft nxt week.. cos is like sch is starting soon.. n i dun wan u 2 be soo tired 4 class.. dun wana c u suffer.. okok??

n of cos i am selfish lah.. u my darling lei.. haha.. u go 4 e camp cant keep in contact with me de ma.. ya lor.. soo i am happi u not going.. hmm.. but on e other hand.. if u didnt go.. u will be quite bored at home ma.. rite?? cos i cant pei u.. =( soo sometimes i was thinking maybe u should go 4 e camp.. then u wont feel bored at home.. but.. on e other hand.. u dun like 2 go 4 camp de.. soo.. good that u not going.. hehe.. but.. i can like talk 2 u on e phone.. even if we cant meet rite?? haha.. okok then.. end here le.. muackz darling..

full of hugs & kisses

.Friday, July 25, 2008 ' 11:07 PM Y
darling darling.. my dearest lao gong.. ur lao po will not take u 4 granted de.. nv.. understand?? hehe.. i am soo afraid of u leaving.. how will i take u for granted.. correct?? hehe.. i am soo looking forward to 2mr lei.. haha.. soo looking forward that i dun have appeitite at all.. hehe.. *daydreaming look* hehe..

darling.. i wana make ur everyday a happi 1.. even though i may not be around with u.. but.. i will still try 2 make u happi de.. okok?? hehe..

full of hugs & kisses

. ' 7:03 PM Y

Darling darling!!hehe lao gong's 1st post here know.1st time ever blog.haa..what i wan tell u is that don't keep thinking that I will leave you ok..i know u got ur own difficulties but before we together I already know u got this problem and I'm willing to accept it..so I will wait k!!dont need worry got other girls in school then I will leave with them..yup yup..I no matter what wont leave you one..but u also cannot take for granted one k..by now u should know ur lao gong very sensitive one..if he feel u take him for granted he will be very sad then he will leave you one k!! I hope we can be together forever and ever and ever!!hehe..in my life never ever do this for any girls before..dunno y i will do this for u know..must be cause I really love you too much..yup yup..cant gu fu me ah!! love u darling.........................ForEver......................

full of hugs & kisses

.Wednesday, July 23, 2008 ' 9:00 PM Y
darling darling.. we r 1 week n 1 day together le.. hehe.. finally.. we leave starhub together ytd.. haha.. quite significant ytd huh?? 1 week together.. then last day at starhub.. haha.. thats y i will wana make bf for u.. more significant ma.. hehe.. then u still say i dun rmb wat day is ytd.. =( hehe.. but nvm.. u know that i just wana give u a surprise at e rooftop ma.. onli that.. cos u say le.. then i explain 2 u.. then no surprise le.. but its ok.. as long as we know it in our hearts can le.. hehe.. i am veri happy when u told me u r veri happi ytd.. cos i make ytd, which a significant day, a happy day 4 u.. c u smile.. i realli feel veri veri happy.. soo.. u must continue 2 smile.. ok.. hehe.. though while eating last nite.. u told me u almost cry.. thats y my heart will have e suan suan feeling n have goosebumps all over.. ya.. soo.. nxt time cannot le ah.. okok?? i dun wana u 2 feel uncomfortable anywhere.. even ur heart.. when u r with me. soo u 4eva cannot feel uncomfortable.. understand?? hehe.. my guai lao gong..

eh.. u also didnt type anythingy de lor.. this is our blog ok.. soo u must also add things in.. okok?? hehe.. even if u tell me le.. but u also can type down in here.. soo that we can keep these nice memories 4eva.. soo that when we old le.. we also can look into this blog can refresh our memories.. hehe.. okok.. like wat i write above.. i have told u le ma.. soo.. i write down.. kk? hehe.. done 4 2dae..

full of hugs & kisses

.Saturday, July 19, 2008 ' 10:12 PM Y
darling.. lao gong.. hehe.. i am soo blessed by ur love.. hehe.. i nv felt soo loved b4.. hmm.. i will nv forget wat happen on 15th july.. e cute way u ask me.. hehe.. e way u hold my hands n look into my eyes.. its like.. we r meant for each other.. both of us feel this way.. though we know each other for a short while.. but realli.. we seems as if we know each other like for many many years.. we both feel this way.. hmm.. i just like all e happy moments we have together.. even when we just look at each other.. we both feel happy.. like wat i told u today.. hehe.. i will rmb every happi moments. hehe.. thought onli 3 days.. but there are too many happi moments that i dun feel like sharing here.. just wana be secrets in our hearts huh?? haha.. yupyup.. i love u.. =D

full of hugs & kisses


name: Louis & Patricia
age: infinity
birthday: 18 May


Darling, I Love U..
Lao po says: darling.. i have always dreaming since i know you.. like everything come soo perfectly n smoothly.. nv have i had this feeling b4.. this is e 1st n e last time.. u make all my dreams come true.. u make me smile all e time.. everythingy u do make me love u even deeper.. love u more than 100%.. i know i still have lots of bad points 2 change.. like being more nice in my words i use, telling u whenever i not feeling good or unhappi.. but this is cos i just dun wana add more things on u.. then u feel heart pain.. but i will do my best.. soo as 2 be ur perfect lao po.. u make me feel relaxed when i am with u.. i can be myself in front of u.. maybe its cos we have e same bdae.. tats y we can always know wat each other is thinking.. or sometimes e thing we do r just sooo coincidental.. but meeting u is by fate.. being together with u is fated.. everything seems 2 be fated.. from e day u start 2 talk 2 me.. my world becomes soo colourful n full of life.. soo full of u.. =D
Lao gong says: darlingling, Although u always naughty and do wrong things that time always act blur blur, I still love you very much.. heehee..dont need worry about my love for you cos it has never change since day one.. maybe even more and more love you!! hehe.. so dont need worry ok.. I wont do anything wrong one!! always will love you and take care of u..MMMmmmmuacksss <3


we will be together foreva..
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